Used Generator vs. New – What’s Right for You?

There is a wide variety of new and used generators available to buyers in the market.  The question to answer is; New or Used?

Well here are is some information to help you make that decision.

New Generators

As if you were purchasing a new car, the only reason you’d buy new is that in comes with a standeard warranty and the term of that warranty for a generator is typically 1 or 2 years and those warranties do not come without a big jump in cost. Typically, twice the price of a low hour used unit plus depending to the size of your unit there could there may be some wait time.

Used Generators

While they do not usually come with a full warranty, it is often extremely advantageous to buy used generators for many reasons. A key one is availability, depending on your urgency you can have a unit almost in no time. Another is price, it is possible to save up to 50% or more by getting a low-hour used generator over a new one. There is no waiting and considerable economic benefits.

Also, because most name brand manufacturers build high quality industrial strength equipment, there is minimal risk as they are built to last and work reliably. In the used generator segment your best practice is to choose a low hour backup or standby generator.

New vs. Used – Summary

In short, it is obvious that a used generator can typically provide much more value for your money and should therefore always be considered as a viable option.

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